Plan and prospects for the upcoming years

Transilvania Broker managed year after year to have an excellent track record in the brokerage market, with increases both in terms of volumes, in the qualitative plan, but also in terms of market share, due to bold managerial decisions and highly applied projects that have proved to be a real gain.
The increases will be at the level of two digits, due to some measures as follows:


- we are aiming to strengthen the network by increasing the number of specialized courses offered to sales people
- retention of sales force through designing motivational programs, which has already been in progress for a while
- attracting different niche specialists, by creating complex training and developing programs in the corporate area
- developing the claims department, which will bring additional comfort and satisfaction to Transilvania Broker’s customers, which is already in progress,
as well as through the growth and development of the corporate department which will be able to offer optimal insurance solutions based on a right and
efficient analysis of this segment customers’ needs


The growth will be partly natural, due to market growth, of medium premiums, but there will also be growth caused by the qualitative measures previously described,
as well as due to the recruiting process.

Market share:

We estimate that over a 2-3 year period we will exceed a 10% share on the basis of what has been described above, as well as consolidating and evolving the market from a legislative point of view.

In conclusion, we can say that we are expecting at least a doubling of the turnover within 3-5 years time, with an even higher growth of profit margin.

Data related to the insurance market, the brokerage market, market share, market position and any other information that comes from the insurance market and insurance brokerage market for the past year will be added after April of current year.

The message does not represent an offer of financial services, none of this message's content can be interpreted as an investment recommendation, the decision to invest must be taken individually, following the analysis of financial situations of Transilvania Broker and the insurance market perspectives. Every potential investor should consult his/her own financial consultant regarding subscription or acquisition of Securities. The price of Securities, as well as the income and dividends related to them, if they exist, can either rise or fall.