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Transilvania Broker is the first insurance broker that will be listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange

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To buy the shares of Transilvania Broker de Asigurare S.A., you can be contacted by a broker, by clicking on the button below and by filling in the contact details, or you can consult the list of active intermediaries on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

For any details regarding the listing of Transilvania Broker de Asigurare S.A. on the stock exchange, please contact the contact person for the investor relationship using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

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Over time, we have found that many of our partners would have wanted to become shareholders in the company. We thought then that the best way to do this would be the stock exchange. Practically, through this step, we will give everyone interested the possibility to invest in the company, becoming at the same time more transparent and open.
We also believe that after the listing, the level of trust of our existing clients and partners, as well as potential new customers, will be much higher both for our company and for the entire insurance brokerage activity in Romania.
Given the way of listing through selling the owned shares, the money will reach the 2 shareholders and we will keep it as a resource for the contribution in future capital increases of Transilvania Broker if the market will provide us with acquisition opportunities and for the development of services adjacent to the main activity.
We want to stimulate investor interest. If there will be a strategic investor or the shares will be dispersed remains to be seen.
We are not thinking about an exit yet, we've worked hard to bring the company to this level and we believe that in the brokerage market there still exists an untapped potential. We wish to take part in exploiting this potential and in the market growth.
We consider that the packages that will be sold at the moment are enough to ensure liquidity and even the possibility of portfolio investors to join in.
According to market opportunities, we are thinking of new capital attractions, but I believe that to take this step we must first win the notoriety and trust of the investors.

Data related to the insurance market, the brokerage market, market share, market position and any other information that comes from the insurance market and insurance brokerage market for the past year will be added after April of current year.

The message does not represent an offer of financial services, none of this message's content can be interpreted as an investment recommendation, the decision to invest must be taken individually, following the analysis of financial situations of Transilvania Broker and the insurance market perspectives. Every potential investor should consult his/her own financial consultant regarding subscription or acquisition of Securities. The price of Securities, as well as the income and dividends related to them, if they exist, can either rise or fall.